All Youth Clinics are being run through our partner Boys and Girls Club of San Dieguito. Please visit their website for scheduling programs.

The teaching progressions take into account age and skill differences. Great program for stand-alone basketball development or additional training for current club players.  

The goal is to help them have continued success not just with basketball but all sports to develop a strong base for lifelong health and fitness.

Hoops Health S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Training Kids The Art of Coaching

Being a parent myself I understand the importance of trying to give your kids the best coaches and mentors available. The following is a guideline I use to teach kids at different age ranges to help them develop success on the court as well as successful life skills to take with them as happy and successful adults


6-9 years guided discovery

Communication: discovery versus mirroring

Exercise stimulus: Open versus Closed Habits

Goal Confusion: Outcome versus Form

10-13 years learning exploration

Communication: Discovery AND Mirroring

Exercise Stimulus: Open and Closed Habits

Goal Confusion: Outcome AND Form

14 train with application

Communication: Primarily Mirroring

Exercise Stimulus: Open AND Closed Habits

Goal Confusion: Primary Form

Temperament Variances: Coaching and learning styles

1. Delegate: High Motivation/High Skill

2. Inspire: Low Motivation/High Skill

3. Guide: High Motivation/Low Skill

4. Direct: Direct Low Motivation/Low Skill

Guided Discovery

Coordination development is primary focus Biomotor abilities are secondarily gleaned Coordination- not a singular entity

Balance, spatial awareness, kinesthetic differentiation, rhythm, reactivity (acoustical, visual, kinesthetic)

Hoops Health Youth Development